Kratom for Withdrawal 101

Kratom for Withdrawal 101

Kratom Withdrawal Remedy

The Ultimate Guide to Kratom for Opiate Withdrawal Relief

UPDATE: The use of kratom in the United States has become somewhat controversial. Some people claim its a miracle plant that’s helped them kick opiates and improve their lives while others, mostly in the pharmaceutical industry or influenced by that industry claim it’s dangerous. You need to research and find out for yourself. This article is for informational purposes only. Always consult where you live and the local laws. 

I’ve received quite a few questions from readers about using kratom for opiate withdrawal, so let’s dispel all the myths and let me tell you what its all about.

Lets start with the basics:

What is Kratom?

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a leaf harvested from a large tree native to Southeast Asia.

Is Kratom an Opiate? Can I Use Kratom to Get Off Opiates?

No, kratom is not an opiate. It is in the same chemical family as the coffee tree. And using Kratom is common wherever it grows throughout Southeast Asia. This plant remained virtually unknown outside of that area until the last few years when it was discovered for many uses. 

Kratom Common Uses:

Does taking kratom for opiate withdrawal actually work?

Yes, countless people now take kratom for opiate withdrawal relief at home. A lot of people use it just long enough to ease their opioid withdrawal symptoms and to  help make the transition to a drug free life easier. Especially because many people relapse. It can be hard to be sober again. Kratom offers a bridge of sorts.

Why is kratom a home remedy for opiate withdrawals?

Kratom contains many unique alkaloids that we are just beginning to understand the effects of, but some people have used Kratom to ease withdrawal pain, reduce cravings and act as a home remedy from hydrocodone, oxycodone, oxycontin, suboxone, heroin and other narcotic withdrawals.

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Opiate withdrawal symptoms kratom may help relieve:

  • opiate cravings
  • muscle and body aches
  • restless leg syndrome (RLS)
  • fever and sweats
  • poor mood and attitude
  • low energy and lethargy

Does Kratom really help ease excruciating opioid painkiller withdrawal symptoms?

The plant kratom has gotten a lot of press lately for this exact reason. They’ve even done studies on kratom’s effectiveness for opiate withdrawal. So according to many people the plant kratom has been known to ease many painful opiate withdrawal symptoms.

What are the effects of consuming kratom?

The effects of kratom when consumed orally or chewed in leaf form have been described as less intense but somewhat similar to the feeling of opioids.

Kratom is described as stimulating at lower doses and more sedating at higher doses. Most would agree it’s far less powerful and much less addictive than prescription painkillers. The effects of kratom can vary depending on the type of kratom, how much was consumed and that person’s individual chemistry.

Some people even say that Kratom is Nature’s Painkiller.

The trick to using kratom effectively is to use it only when you HAVE to get you through your worst opiate withdrawals, without relapsing. Use it only as tool and treatment to help you deal with your most acute forms of opiate withdrawal pain from heroin, oxycontin, percocets and other narcotics.

How long do I take kratom for?

If you can make it through the worst symptoms 3 – 10 days of opiate detox, you can recover without relapsing. So if you need to use it as a non prescription withdrawal supplement, make sure you only use it for 1 -2 weeks max because it can create dependency, and that’s the last thing you need.

What types of Kratom are there for opiate withdrawals? 

There are a wide number of different kinds of kratom for opiate withdrawal, they usually come as white kratom, red kratom or green kratom of the following types of Kratom strains. The kratom strains listed are good for opiate withdrawals:

  • Maeng Da Kratom
  • Bali Kratom
  • Malaysian Kratom
  • Borneo Kratom
  • Thai Kratom
  • Green Vein Kratom
  • Indonesian Kratom
  • Hula Kratom
  • White Reserve

Kratom comes in these common forms:

  • powders – stems and leaves ground into a powder form. This is the most common form online retailers sell.
  • leaves – leaves can be chewed when taken from tree.
  • tincture – It can be melted and extracted into a tincture.
  • extract – To enhance the strenght of it, so one does not have to take too much, you can make an extraction so less is more.
  • pills – many people don’t like the taste of kratom powder so they cap it.

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How do I use Kratom for opiate withdrawal relief?

How much Kratom should I take?Kratom-Powder-Opiate-Withdrawal-Symptoms

You should use kratom as a tool for the hardest times of opiate withdrawal. Use it so that you don’t relapse when you hurt the most. It’s a medicine to help you through your most painful times and then you should stop as soon as your withdrawals ease off.

Kratom dosing instructions:

Kratom dosing vary’s by your height, weight, sex, age and experience. As you should do with everything, always test small to start. Some people have suggested something like bali kratom for opiate withdrawal  1 – 3 powdered grams and see how it affects you. People also take it on an empty stomach. Then you can adjust your dosage up or down as needed.

Popular ways to take Kratom include:

Kratom toss and wash method – This is when you take however much kratom you want to take and throw it in the back of your throat, then wash it down with juice or a beverage of your choice.

Kratom milk shake method – Get a small bottle of chocolate milk and dump your dose of kratom in the milk and shake. This mixes well with kratom while a number of other liquids don’t mix very well.

Kratom tea method – Kratom tea is another very popular way to consume. Most people put their desired kratom in water and squeeze a fresh lemon into it. Then boil for 20 minutes on med-low. After which strain the kratom and consume the liquid.

Kratom capsules – You can also cap your kratom and then just swallow the capsules so you don’t have to taste it. Or buy it prepackaged.

What is the best kratom to use for opiate withdrawal relief?

Popular kratom types for hydrocodone, oxycodone, heroin, and painkiller withdrawal relief are:

Maeng da Kratom – Maeng da is known to be good for dealing with cravings, giving energy and making it so your body doesn’t hurt, so it’s all around good kratom for opiate withdrawals Other kratom strains that are known to work well for narcotic withdrawal symptoms include Red Bali, Borneo White Vein, Premium Bali Kratom, Thai kratom, Malaysian green kratom, Bali Kratom,:Green Hong Kong, White Reserve.

Kratom Warnings:

Kratom can be addictive and people who use it daily will develop tolerance, and can develop dependence and addiction.

What negative side-effects are associated with taking Kratom?

  • nausea
  • upset stomach / throwing up
  • hot / cold flushing
  • dizziness
  • sleep when taken in higher doses
  • dependence / addiction

Kratom is just one way a certain person might use to get over the opiate withdrawals. Kratom works the natural way for you to relieve opioid withdrawal symptoms.

Remember kratom for opiate withdrawal relief  is just 1 way to quit out of many, it may help you or it may not help you.

But to me, kratom seems like it falls into a similar class as cannabis. As in it really can help people  suffering and it can get them to the other side if they’re prone to relapse. But it can also be abused and cause dependence. What I’ve heard from the people that do it the right way is that they only use it to help ease the first and hardest felt opiate painkiller withdrawal symptoms for about 7 days, and then they get off kratom fast as they can.

Who Sells Quality Kratom for Low Prices? And Where’s a Good Place to Buy Kratom Online?

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Here’s a good article on kratom for opiate withdrawal as the topics become a bit politicized. You either think its a natural effective reliever of painkiller withdrawal symptoms or you think it’s no good, apparently as some may think:

Reilly Johnson
Reilly Johnson
President and Founder of the Opiate Freedom Center. Author and Speaker committed to providing straightforward insight and actionable steps to help you recover. Email me anytime at, or Like us on Facebook!


  1. chris says:

    Thanks for this info i had never heard of Kratom. Its has helped me on so many levels. I have been taking it in low doses through out the day with little to no side effects of opiate withdraw. It has also helped with the back pain that has been controlling my life.

  2. Amanda says:

    Are there any herbal supplement stores that sell this OtC or can it only be purchased on the web? I have one day left of my opiates and am prepar to go through my final withdraw. I want my opiate free life back bu. need to be able to have something to avoid the withdraw fast!!

    • Reilly Johnson Reilly Johnson says:

      Hi Amanda, good question. It really just depends where you live. You can start by looking for these supplements at vitamin & herbal shoppes, supplement businesses or even alternative medicine type stores.

  3. Tammy says:

    I am very excited telling my friend about this. Thank you for the information.

  4. ready2change says:

    Thank you for this site, I am wanting to kick a 3 year habit of poppy seed tea using kratom, tomorrow morning will be 24 hours since my last dose of pst. I have 100 grams of the red vein kratom, and plan to use it as needed along with imodium, how much and how long do you think I should take kratom? I do not want to get addicted to the kartom so if I used it for say, 7 days, would that be long enough to get past the withdrawals and not get addicted to the kratom? Any info will be appreciated.

    • ready2change says:

      I never got an answer but just wanted to share this with anyone wanting to kick a poppy seed tea addiction, it has now been 3 1/2 days since I last had poppy seed tea. I have used kratom and imodium as needed. I have never been able to go longer then 24 hours without tea due to withdrawals, the kratom and imodium have helped. Im not saying I feel great, but I am able to sleep , I have had terrible diarrhea and some vomiting, but I think the vomiting was due to too much kratom. I am a weak person and hate being uncomfortable but I know I want to be clean more then I want to be high. If I can do this after more then 3 years taking poppy seed tea and anything else I could get my hands on anyone can. Give kratomt try

      • Reilly Johnson Reilly Johnson says:

        Congrats! That’s outstanding to hear. We appreciate you sharing your insight into how kratom helped you quit poppy seed tea. Keep up the good work and let us know if we can help.

  5. hdsledhead66 says:

    After being on opiates for 3 years and then suboxen for 2 years I have been unsuccessful in quitting. I started taking opiates to relieve my RLS which was ruining my life. I had tried everything for it you can imagine. After hurting my wrist I was given opiates for the pain. My RLS vanished over night. I was a new man. I could sleep, I could ride in a car, I could finally sit still. My mind was sharp because I was finally getting sleep. When my doctor decided to take me off of them I lied and said my wrist pain was so bad I couldn’t work. So in a way I was walking a thin line. Taking them legally but having to lie to get them. After seeing the damage opiates had been doing to people I said “I need to stop this” and flushed a months worth of pills down the toilet. Biggest mistake of my life. The withdrawals were so bad I thought of killing myself. I started buying off the street for a week or two to tapper down. I failed at this. I then went to a suboxen clinic which after doing my research the clinic had me on suboxen for too long at too high of a dose. I tried to quit again. FAIL! I always said “if I could just get over the RLS I could beat this.” Kratom is nothing short of a miracle. I am on day 10 now and although I have some depression (we just learned my mother-in-law is dying of cancer and has 6 months to live). I am doing ok considering. My appetite is not there but I think that is more from nerves than anything. I have to say, I didn’t believe all the hype about Kratom but it works. It is more like suboxen or subutex to me. It just gets rid of the withdrawals. Trust me people. Try this. You won’t regret it. When I make it to the one month mark I plan on contacting people from the suboxen group I used to go to and inform them of this miracle plant.

  6. holly says:

    I have taken opiates for 11yrs due to numerous orthopedic conditions. I am grateful that I had medical help vis the pain meds. But very tired of being treated like a drug seeker. These days EVERYONE is treated this way by the medical community. Its happened to my friendsfamily. This is because of the idiots out there takin them illegally just to get high. I wont go into all that now. Just want to assure people that kratom really does help! Its amazing. I decided to keep my dignity and chuck the pain meds. Of course I tried kratom weeks before I ran out of pain meds. I took time off fully expecting hard withdrawals. Imagine my delight when there WAS NO WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS! I used red vein kratom. I have little pain, not compared to what it would be with nothing. Kratom is surpringly relaxing, and addresses the pain quite well. Since I have started kratom I have not had issues with RLS, diarhea, or pain. People there is hope. And its name is kratom. I just hope the same idiots that ruined it for the rest of us with pan meds dont do the same with kratom. Additionally, I hope the egomanial politicians trying to score points with the general public by taking it off the market. If we can just keep kratom use for what it really does, addressing pain and stress, there wouldnt be a precription drug problem. And folks, this is all natural. Not a synthetic drug, not a chemically processed drug. It is a gift from nature and it respect it mightily!

    • skidmore1psu says:

      Your post is old. But it made me so mad I had to make an account just to reply. People who are so uneducated about the disease of addiction such as yourself male me so mad. One those people didn’t ruin the drugs for you. Most of them got hooked by doctors and when they lost their pills they were addicted and had no choice. 2. Those people you are insulting you are one of them. Noone. Amd I mean Noone needs to be on pain mess for eleven years. Unless they are a drug seeker themselves. And the fact that you said you had to quit the pills just shows that you didn’t need them. Amd you were just as addicted to them as the people that you are taking down on. Take an aleve. Trust me I have lived with pain just like you. And ibuprofen and aleve actually tale the pain your taking about away BETTER than prescription meds. So before you go around insulting people who suffer from a disease. Realize that you are one of those people to. You talk like you are better than them. It’s people that try to stay on the meds for eleven years that’s making it hard to get the meds. Not the people buying them from the street. It’s the people doctor shopping and begging the doctors. Again. Not the people buying them on the street. That probably were prescribed at one point. If you are buying them on the street. You are not buying them to get high. You are buying them to survive and not go through withdrawal. Same as you. And the fact you had to take Kratom to detox. Shows that you had a terrible drug problem yourself. You should be ashamed of yourself for this post. Amd putting people down. When you clearly have no knowledge of addiction. What am addict is. And the fact that you yourself are an addict. You probably are back in pills. Did you read where you just take the Kratom for 7 days. I feel like you took it longer. The fact you are so worried and people will ruin it. We’ll you yourself should be off it in a week. But clearly you intend o taking g it long term. So you are a person abusing it. It’s like you didn’t read the article at all. Or understand it is ment to take for very short term. I know people that could just not quit. They wanted to but had to go buy stuff everyday even thought they didn’t want to. Amd with 2 weeks of Kratom they were able to quit. And for a couple months they kept some to take just in case that day they got bad cravings. And it saved their life. I’m sorry for ranting. But people like this person make me sick. Clearly if eleven years clearly a hard-core drug addict. Horribly addicted. Amd in complete denial of the fact that she is no better and is exactly the same as the people that she is putting down. I myself was Amd still am am addict. I will be an addict for the rest of my life. But with the grace of God I have 5 years sober now. And I just can’t stand people who have no compassion for the people out there who are still sick and suffering. I sincerely hope you got the help that you needed. Amd that you stayed clean. But only if you realized that you are an addict yourself. Amd you learned how to be humble. That is the only way you are clean to date.

      • Skidmore1, thanks for sharing your experiences and insights. Stories like this are how people learn how to get better. You clearly have a great understanding of what it takes. Thanks again for sharing.

      • theparker81 says:

        Skidmore, while I get where you are coming from to some degree. You are actually going off at her for not having compassion toward people who abuse pain meds when you yourself are making a blanket comment, not having compassion or even considering it possible that not everyone who takes pain meds long term is a hardcore addict. I get her comment was a bit off base and she doesn’t have a clear understanding of things. But her point was to let others know that Kratom helps. Which it does. I’m someone who has horrible, debilitating pain 24/7 and I will for the rest of my life. Nothing that doctors can do for me. It is the hand I’ve been dealt and all I can do is make the best out of my circumstance. Do the best I can to live life to the best of my ability and to be the best mother I can be to my son. Which for me on pain meds both norco and fentanyl patches, only meant being able to suffer through one day to the next mainly confined to bed. Once I decided to go natural and find natural alternatives to all Rx meds I could replace (some can’t be chemo) I used kratom initially to stop WD from pain meds. I’m a high risk for seizures as well as having heart issues that can complicate WD. Was I an addict because I had to use kratom for WD? No, I did not have to use it but it made it much safer for me and I already suffer horribly, why suffer more if it can be helped? That doesn’t prove I was an addict, it was my choice to try something else. My body was dependent yes, that was a fact. Just like it is dependent on caffeine. Once my detox period was over I lowered my dose of Kratom and began using it for pain and I’m no longer confined to bed. I had no idea how many side effects I suffered from the pain meds including rebound pain. Kratom has allowed me to stop several other meds also, like Celebex which came w horrible side effects. The relief from those side effects and the fact that Kratom helps pain more than the pain meds I was on. Has allowed me to be the mother my son deserves. He can now hug me without worrying he will hurt me. He can plop down next to me and doesn’t have to see me winch in pain from the movement. I’ve been able to even go on a vacation and make wonderful memories with him. For time here is limited due to my health. But Kratom has allowed me to do more than pain meds ever did. If I stop taking it my pain returns but I don’t suffer WD. To stay that someone taking it longer than 7 days is addicted to it or wrong for doing so (like the article says) is not correct. I take a 1/4 of the dose I took for WD dose has lowered and never gone up since. Yes, some can become addicted because as you know addiction is with the person not the substance. It doesn’t give you a high, it doesn’t fix all your problems, it doesn’t feel anything like pain meds…but it is a safer, more effective alternative for the treatment of pain and to ease WD symptoms. It can also help depression and anxiety so much. When our anti depressants come with labels warning they can cause suicidal thoughts. When they are so dangerous to stop taking the only way to taper is by opening capsules and decreasing the number of tiny beads you take and that can last over a year to properly taper (cymbalta) when they are far more dangerous than the depression that treat….why wouldn’t someone turn to a plant that is safer, has very few side effects (which are avoidable if you are proactive about it) and doesn’t leave one in horrible WD if it is stopped? I don’t understand you going off at her when you essentially did the same exact thing you got mad at her for. Yes, doctors and big pharma caused this opiate epidemic. They have also now abandoned millions of people in very real and debilitating pain in their attempt to combat this epidemic. Now it doesn’t matter if you have no history of abuse and are the perfect pain management patient. You are treated no different than someone buying triple the amount they were prescribed. I’ve seen people dropped from pain management. Elderly people one of which I know personally and saw her suffer a seizure that she never fully recovered from. Leaving her long term issues. Why? Her doctor stopped prescribing pain meds and sent her to pain management who didn’t have an appointment for 4 months. She begged her doctor to continue her script until her appointment and he refused. She will never be the same because of is literally doctors harming patients forcing them to cold turkey when they have health issues that make WD deadly to them. Not being held accountable. The patient having nowhere to turn. Not knowing what to do they go home to suffer. I don’t think it is right and if a plant God gave us can save them from suffering, there is no reason not to use it. I get suggesting not using kratom over 7 days here as it is an addiction site. People here are more likely to abuse it and become addicted. However not everyone suffers from addiction. Dependence is not addiction. To say that everyone using meds long term is an addict is just as ignorant as the statement you got enraged over.

  7. holly says:

    Me again! Just wanted to add that I have been off pain meds for 106 days. Not saying I will never take them again if needed for short periods. But for daily use I am confident that, for me pesonally, the way to go is kratom. I wish you all the best. If you are looki g into kratom, then obviously you want or need an alternative to opiates as I did. This would be it. I cant say enough about this wonderful plant derivative. It breaks my heart to think that instead of looking at it like an answer to our countrys drug problem, there are those that want to villify it. Shame on them. They dont trulu care about whats good for the public they are elected to represent. Instead they site crazy stories that cant be verified about untrue events just to scare peopke to their way of thinking. Sad.

    • skidmore1psu says:

      Again. You just substituted and are now just abusing Kratom instead. Take Tylenol, adult, ibuprofen. I know people with completely reconstructed backs. Amd u know what they say. Those work better for PAIN. Than any pain meds or Kratom. Your clearly taking it because you enjoy the high. And are in just complete denial and ignorance of this fact. Because I am in pain all the time too. Amd u do not need as strong of meds that you are taking. Noone does. Prescription pain meds don’t even take away pain. They just mask it by making u euphoric and high. It’s the high you crave. And you are being blind to this fact.

      • theparker81 says:

        Kratom doesn’t get you high. Those looking for a high are disappointed as it doesn’t have one. You do realize you keep saying to use nsaids for pain when Kratom is a stronger anti inflammatory than they are right? You are saying to take something that does one of the things that Kratom does. Please educate yourself about Kratom. I’m not sure where you got your information about it. But you have the wrong impression. You keep going on about this euphoric high which doesn’t exist with Kratom. I’ve seen people looking for that and be pissed when they buy it and even buy several types but get no high. You feel your pain decrease but you don’t even feel it take effect like you do pain meds. You know exactly when your pain meds hit. Not so with Kratom as your pain just begins to fade. It is subtle. In no way comparable to pain meds. Not even close to how they feel. The only thing in common there is relieving of pain but Kratom actually does that better. I agree w most of what you say if directed to pain meds. Simply doesn’t apply to Kratom and that is fact based. I’ve read every study on it in the US and other countries. I’ve talked to researchers and big pharma has three patents out on it as they are trying to make the first non addictive non opioid pain medication ….from kratom!! What you are saying is ignorant which is again, what you are accusing someone else of being.

        I’m really sorry you hurt. I’m sorry you live with your pain instead of finding relief. Pain eats at you. It takes pieces of you until you aren’t yourself. You are a dimmed version of you. It starts to make you feel bitter toward the world and that is how you sound. Which makes me feel bad for you. Wish I could take your pain for you. Good job on being sober so long. That is huge. I know you are doing what you need to do for yourself. It is too bad you put others down for doing the same.

    • skidmore1psu says:

      PS. Look at the time on your posts…. 2am….clearly all high up on kids or Kratom…. Lmao

  8. Nicki says:

    Hi, I have struggling with Opiate addiction going on 3 years now. I originally was prescribed it for my chronic neck pain, but I have since not been able to stop using it. I have tried to kick it cold turkey and weaning off, but with having to work a full time job and taking care of my son, it’s virtually impossible to deal with the withdrawl symptoms. I am very interested in trying Kratom, however, there’s so many types on the website and I don’t know which to but and/or the amount to purchase and to take. Over the years I have built up a very high tolerance, I have a small frame, I’m about 5’4″, 100 lbs, but I usually have to take between 8-10 Percocet + Vicoden per day to be able to function. Can you help me out with this and point me in the right direction? I would really appreciate any help. I’m pretty much at the breaking point. Thank you. 🙂